ParaDYM Youth Voices

ParaDYM Youth Voices

ParaDYM Youth Voices offers youth access to a digital maker space to create intellectual properties and media projects (scripts, videos, games, marketing campaigns, movies, music) that are socially conscious while being economically viable in the  21st Century media landscape.  Youth not only create properties, but they bring them to market.  ParaDYM Youth Voices transforms youth from consumers and into producers with included profit sharing (when viable) for all i.p created. ParaDYM Youth Voices also provides services in event videography, event photography, augment reality printables (paper and ABS plastics), social media marketing.



Our initial Youth Voice initiative is CIPHIR. As with many other  collaborative  youth voice initiatives nationwide, we are striving to have youth voices heard in regards to the policies and procedures that effect them directly.  As such, the primary focus of the Children with Incarcerated Parents Health Interventions and Research or CIPHIR, is to  empower youth advocates dedicated to reversing the stigma of being a child of an incarcerated parent and advocating for the rights of families as spelled out by CIP Bill of Rights. Our youth advocates will need advocacy training to help shape their message; media platforms (print, televised and online) to disseminate their message; and a support structure within school and in out of school programs capable of addressing their needs and those of their families and friends. The CIPHIR approach  comprehensively creates youth advocacy which in turn results in:

  • the creation of a CIP youth driven media campaign addressing
  • development of multiple staff development training sessions for school and after-school/out-of-school program staff in addressing the social needs of CIP youth.
  • a process by which the CIP population can be properly identified and tallied
  • training materials and media for the adult and youth trainings
  • and  public roundtable discussions about the impact of incarceration on children and families

We have a dedicated staff of professionals working on aiding our youth advocates. Dr. Rati Kumar is the primary investigator; Duane P. Pierre, our project coordinator, is also the Executive Director of ParaDYM,Inc;  Kaemaii M. Pierre, MSW is our youth advocacy trainer, and several research assistants have been recruited from the student body of CCSU. For more information on CIPHIR, visit us at