Our Programs

ParaDYM, Inc. provides a series of  media driven educational experiences, interactive activities and assessments for middle school, high school and out-of-school youth ages 13-18 throughout Central Connecticut. Currently, the Unified School District of New Britain,  and local community based organizations use ParaDYM programs and trainings to increase engagement and achievement amongst at-risk and marginalized students. Our team of teaching artists, mentors, job coaches and educators are committed to more than teaching vocational skills, but also to nurturing a love of learning in every person we meet, regardless of whether they are a student, a caregiver or an ally.  Our services are separated into two categories; training (under the ParaDYM academy brand) and production (under the ParaDYM Youth Voices brand)

ParaDYM Academy

ParaDYM, Academy. offers youth, that have already been identified as at-risk, an opportunity to learn 21st Century skill sets related to media production and media literacy as they work along side dedicated mentors and job skill coaches to improve their ability to develop a sustainable roadmap for their future. The long-term goal of ParaDYM Inc is to provide a pathway for success for at-risk and marginalized students interested in pursuing, post-secondary education and 21st Century careers reliant on media production, distribution and digital asset management.


ParaDYM Youth Voices

ParaDYM Youth Voices offers youth access to a digital maker space to create intellectual properties and media projects (scripts, videos, games, marketing campaigns, movies, music) that are socially conscious while being economically viable in the  21st Century media landscape.  Youth not only create properties, but they bring them to market.  ParaDYM Youth Voices transforms youth from consumers and into producers with included profit sharing (when viable) for all i.p created. ParaDYM Youth Voices also provides services in event videography, event photography, augment reality printables (paper and ABS plastics), social media marketing.