About Us

ParaDYM, Inc., paraprofessionals in digital youth media

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ParaDYM Inc is a community based organization that provides after-school and out-of school trainings and programs centered on youth voice, 21st Century skills including media literacy, transmedia production, soft skills, social entrepreneurship, college preparedness, life skill  mentoring and workforce development.  Our programs prepare at-risk, marginalized or out-of-school  youth for post-secondary educational opportunities and for successful transitions into the workforce.

Mission Statement.

Using interdisciplinary, media-driven extended day and out-of-school programs, ParaDYM Inc. provides a pathway for at-risk and marginalized youth interested in pursuing, post-secondary education and careers reliant on 21st Century skill involving media production, distribution and digital asset management.

Mission Vision

We believe that by empowering, media literate youth though mentoring, digital citizenship and community engagement our youth will become leaders and innovators in society and industry alike. To achieve this vision, ParaDYM, Inc. provides immersive, hands-on out-of-school and after-school trainings and programs to youth. Participation in ParaDYM programs offers youth the experience of  connected learning that uses media production as a synergist to enhance their understanding of 21st Century skills, post-secondary educational or vocational  opportunities, social entrepreneurship and life skills that help prepare youth for life after high school.

What We Do

ParaDYM Inc provides an after school program offering media literacy, transmedia production, social entrepreneurship and life skill training that prepares youth for post high school educational & vocational opportunities and for successful transitions into the workforce. Since 2008, ParaDYM has worked with over 150 students throughout Central Connecticut. What started as a volunteer initiative quickly became a sought after enrichment program for community-based organizations, youth focused research initiatives and corporations.  Our focus on youth voice has lead to an expansion of our services beyond our original ParaDYM Academy after-school  & out-of-school programs and we now have collaborative Youth Voice programs that provide research, college prep, workforce development and media production services were youth participants are as influential in the creation and design of the intellectual property generated, as they are in advocacy of the needs of their peers.