Our Volunteers & Supporters

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We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of supporters and volunteers; a special thanks goes out to:

Travis Johnson, Hannah Hurwitz, The American Savings Foundation, The City of New Britain, the consolidated School district of New Britain, Nancy Puglisi, Maiya Pierre, Jake Hurwitz, Joe Paige, Fontaine Johnson, Amy Sission, Deral Wallace, Alexa Jaccobs, Paulette Fox, OIC of New Britain, ¬†Bridgette Brown, Rha-Sheen Brown, Greg Daniels, Duane L. Hinkson, Lucretia Johnson, , Lissete Velasquez, Kashia Cave, Bruce Dixon, CPEP, Margaret Gomez, Tom Puleo, Myron, Guthrie, Truth Serum Entertainment, Mayor Erin Stewart, Mayor Tim O’Brien, Kendrick Roundtree, ¬†Spencer Williams, Ronnie Davis, the New Britain NAACP, My City Kitchen, The YWCA, the the New Britain Public Library and the Coalition for New Britain’s Youth.